viernes, 14 de junio de 2013

Architecture and the passive FOR 4TH ESO AND BACHILLERATO

Where do these images belong? THis is one of the most famous underground stations worldwide, and these corridors and stations are in Moscow. It was designed during the Soviet time and it was seen as one of the most original projects of its time. you can learn more at:

Totally differently, these skycrapers were designed more recently, but, where are they built? Who were they designed by? What are they made of?
THe most original aspect is their twisted shape. You can learn more here:
Do you know the next image? Where is it?

It is called METROPOL PARASOL and it was built in Seville quite recently. It was made of wood, and it is commonly known as the SETAS, what else can you say about it?
learn more at:

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