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When and how do you use the verb to be? We all know it means ser y estar en español, but here are some other uses which are essential for you to master it. Do the following activity which I published in Educaplay. 

Uses of to be activities in Educaplay

Can you write them down? Together with this, it is necessary to bear in mind that the verb to be is an AUXILIARY VERB, which means:     

  1.  It Helps other verbs to make sentences
  2.  It Doesn’t need other verbs to make negative and interrogative: I’m not/ Am I?
  3.  It Can take a short form in the negative and affirmative.
  4.  It Can be used to make short answers.  Yes I am/ No I’m not
  5. It is used to form CONTINUOUS TENSES: present continuous; I am reading

Let's do more activities on the fom of the verb to be: 

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