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Halloween has passed and with it, the activities we have done for these days (which will last for some more days indeed).Thanks to a great collaboration from all the teachers, we have created a Graveyard collecting tombstones, skeletons, scary elements and even more important, brief biographies from paramount worldwide figures.

They ranged from Mathematicians, Writers, Poets, Painters, Kings, Queens, Rulers, Scientists... from all over the world and from different periods in  History.
Very wellcoming doors for our graveyard. Come in!!!

The setting: A spooky graveyard full of famous characters

Detail from the picture wall in the classroom display drawn by D. Irene Baños, Arts Teacher

This idea was partly based on that of a Mathematics Graveyard found on the internet in a high school in Murcia, Spain, however, it took more than a month of hard work.
Details on the  English and French graveyard layout. Excellent  classroom display for Halloween..

After choosing the important characters, the students looked for information on them and wrote brief biographies with the help of the teachers both in French and in English.
Biographies in English in the Graveyard classroom display for ELT
Meanwhile, the Arts teacher was desiging the tombstones with the help of some students. They had to work really hard. Selecting and making the decorations was sometimes a bit difficult, but decorating itself was even harder.
Tombstones in the ELT Graveyard for our Halloween Display in IESRV Hight School (Pozoblanco)

Finally, the students were presented with some questions on the famous people in order to do a reading comprehension activity, similar, to a certain extent, to a treasure hunt. Interdisciplinarity was also fostered because the characters belonged to different fields of knowledge. In addition to this, it is essential to mention the use of different Arts and Crafts techniques.
Students doing information gap activities in our ENglish Graaveyard Classroom Display.
This great place will also be used to make other activties like storytelling, listening to scary songs videos or performing role plays.Thanks to everyone's help it was done... and it will be in our high school for a few weeks. Do you dare to come in?

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