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What do you do? JOBS IN ENGLISH

  • What's your job? What do you do? 
These expressions are used to ask about jobs and employment. The word WORK is a verb which means TRABAJAR, and it's also used in expressions like: Hard work (trabajo duro). We say:
  •  "I work as a teacher, I work as a lawyer"

The word CAREER is used to refer to employment, (carrera laboral in Spanish, "I have a long career as singer"). Carrera referring to studies is called: Degree (carrera universitaria).

  • Ganarse la vida: to make a living, to earn a living

  • Employer (empleador) employee (empleado)

  • To be unemployed (desempleado) to be on the dole (estar en el paro)
  • To recruit staff (contratar plantilla) is the opposite of TO DISMISS STAFF (despedir plantilla). To fire someone (despedir, in a colloquial way, echar)
  • To make money: ganar dinero
  • To retire (retirarse, jubilarse).
  • Labour Day: Día del Trabajo.(1st May)
The following link also shows more words related to this lexical field:

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