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Who was Stingy Jack?
In the following video you'll learn from him, but, try no to read the subtitles, because they are just a guide, they have mistakes:

nota: Introduce los subtítulos en la configuración del vídeo de youtube.
Read the vocabulary below to help you, then, answer the questions:

  • DEVIL: demonio
  • KEEP THE MONEY: guardar/ahorrar el dinero
  • CRUCIFIX: crucifijo
  • MANAGE: conseguir, lograr
  • CRUCIFIX: crucifijo
  • BOTHER: molestar
  • CLAIM FOR HIS SOUL: reclamar su alma
  • AGREE: estar de acuerdo
  • LET HIM GO: dejarle marchar
  • TRICK: engañar/ engaño, truco
  • CLIMB A TREE: escalar un árbol
  • SIGN OF HTE CROSS: signo de la cruz
  • DIE. morir
  • REFUSE: rechazar
  • HEAVEN: cielo. HELL: infierno
  • ALLOW TO ENTER: permitir entrar
  • THE LIVING: los vivos
  • BURNING COAL: carbón ardiendo
  • TURNIP: nabo
  • CENTURIES: siglos
  • Who did Jack invite?
  • Did Jack want to pay for the drinks?
  • How long did the devil primise to stay away from Jack?
  • Where did the devil climb? Why?
  • Why couldn't the devil get down of the tree?
  • Where was Jack sent when he died? Why didn't God allow him in Heaven?
  • What did Jack put into a turnip?
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