Describing a city

Describing a city is really interesting both for writing and for oral presentations.

In order to do this, you should include the following information:
Why not describing New York?

  • Basic information: Name, country, population. Any famous geographicl features nearby can be included here. Show a map and ask your friends about geography to find out more. Some senteces useful to start can be: 

    • I 'm going to talk about.... 
    • This city is special because..............
    • This city is placed/situated in......
    • Some historic facts: its origins, some basic ideas. Use the past simple, past continuous and linkers for that.

  • What to do, what to see. Describe some important landmarks, make suggestions. If it is an oral activity, ask your partners questions about picures. Use present simple, modal verbs... Include also some original activities there. Use some expressions like:

    • As you can see in the picture..
    • Do you know this place? 
    • What can you see in the picture?
    • This is..../ It is placed in ..../ There is/are

  •  Famous people. Do you know any writers, musicians, artists...from the city? Include all of them, but make it short. 

  • Make some final questions, remark what was more interesting or shoking to you and draw a conclusion.

    • In conclusion, 
    • In my opinion
    • Would you like to go there? ... 
    The following vocabulary items can be really helpful: 
    • Basic city elements. Places in town 
    • Adjectives to describe cities intermediate. Click here and also here
    Finally, this presentation also includes a lot of vocabulary to help you make your writing orpresenttion alive

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