How can you create a motivating project based work to teach the parts of the house while you include ecological elements? How can you make your students combine ICT, Biology, Arts and English in an interdisciplinary task? They have to collaborate and use the create their ECOLOGICAL DREAM HOUSES. COME AND SEE!!


As you can see, this project highlights speaking with a great presentation.  Student will have to learn how to describe, design one and draw it in a poster. Finally, after writing their description, they will show and tell it to the rest of the class. To engage your students you can also use the following infography CLICK HERE

Are there any real examples of houses made of recycled materials?Watch the following videos in pairs, then, describe them to the rest of the class:

With this information, discuss and take notes to BRAINSTORM interesting ideas and information about materials used in ecological houses around the world.

Don't forget to include the main insights in your English Portfolio using online tools: 

Finally, if you are eager to see real examples, do not forget to look for my students fabulous presentations in facebook. Juana Moral's English Site. They are gorgeous!!Thanks for watching.


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