Next week is going to be great. We are going to have a great time preparing a role play on tv shows. In my opinion, that's going to be awesome!!!
You can choose the kind of programme that you prefer and do what you like, the main objective is to enjoy yourselves and speak in English!!! Before doing that, let's revise the types of tv programmes and films in English.

Now, I have introduced some videos to help you to see the different formats of tv programmes. The first one is from the news, and it is subtitled, so that you can focus on the expressions used:

What is it about?

Next one is also taken from the news, but there is an interview:

Now, an episode from a famous cartoons, ok, I'm not kidding, they are very easy to understand and they talk about next holidays!!!!

Next one belongs to a famous quizz show, I hope you like it:

Just to conclude, have fun and try to watch everything.

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