sábado, 26 de enero de 2013


Talking about PEACE, one of the best speeches of mankind was done by Dr. Martin Luther King. He was a civil right activist who lived in the 20th century. What do you know about him?

Here, I'd like to celebrate the 30th January remembering a paramount figure who became an icon. First, let´s learn about who he was:

-When and were was he born?
-Whad did he fight for?
-Why did he die? When? Where?
-Was he awarded with any important prize?

To answer these questions, there are some links to help you.

Here, you can also find a very interesting video:

Now, let's watch his famous speech

So, what was his famous dream?

Next, that's the homage the Irish group U2 (which is one of my favourite) made to MLK. The song is called PRIDE IN THE NAME OF LOVE. I hope you like it.

Fianlly, I'd like to make you think about the world aroun you, cause I know that every single action we make can make a difference, we all can be better everyday.

To grandpa, forever.

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